The GOD Standard

by Altar of Flesh

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released June 1, 2017

Jason Santos -- Lead vocals, guitars, keys, violin, additional percussion
Nick Ward -- Guitars, Backing vocals
Matt "Road Rage" Santos -- Drums
Jeff Ortiz -- Bass

Recorded and mixed at Substandard Studios by Jason Santos
Mastered by Freddy Cash
Album cover painting: 'Plutus, Guardian of the Fourth Circle' by Jason Santos


all rights reserved



Altar of Flesh Tallahassee, Florida

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Altar of Flesh was formed in 1999. Altar of flesh have released 4 demos, which were compiled on 'Unleashing the Angel Grinder' on Statue Records. 'Vilified' was released in 2009.

Altar of Flesh have had the honor to share the stage with Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, All That Remains, Crematorium, Bloodlet, Bloodjinn, Corpus Cristi, & Jucifer
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Track Name: The GOD Standard
The God Standard

Buy in or sell out, Cast away all doubt
These shackles we wear are hidden by the pride we share
God stands with US! Buying your trust
We feed the monster all our lives, Slave to the dollar until we die

One out of many
Out of many, one!
One out of many
Out of many, one!

The blood is on our hands
The price of our demands
Until death, a slave, to the god standard
Freedom is an illusion!
These weights that hold us down
These chains that keep us bound
The debt we pay for the god standard
Freedom is an illusion!

Exploiting nature and people’s lives, Regardless of what survives
Conquest of the strong, for our luxuries, right or wrong
God stands with US! Forgiving our lusts
We feed the monster all our lives, bloody hands until we die

(chorus reprise)
Our lives are bought and sold
Just do as your told
Track Name: Through the Darkness
Through the Darkness

Nothing left they own this life
Darkness comes to claim the light
The shrines arise with spires tall
Be controlled or you shall fall

An enemy, too far to see
Or an illusion
By your fears, for all your years
To be controlled
The enemy, the one you see
As your protector
In plain sight, hiding in the light
Keeping you in the dark

Trust your guide through the darkness
Pick your side in the war… or
Be your own guide through the darkness
Go Your own way

Step aside let evil roam
Weakened minds, they catch in droves
Dim the light, watch shadows grow
Wicked minds shall claim your soul

Track Name: Revenant
Funding wars and choosing sides
Enemies born where friends reside
Rising with the changing tides
How can we be so blind?
Placing weapons in their hands
Claiming only to save their lands
Clearly, no one understands
How can we be so blind?
Deny our role in the rising death toll
Chaos erupts, we lose control
Another stain on our burning soul
How can we be so blind?
Feels like we’ve been here before
Meddling in another civil war
Elections always promise more
How can we be so blind?

As the revenants arise, you blindly turn away
Staring through the void, the mirror shows the way
As the sins of the past become the path of today
The revenant claws your back, as death comes our way

Way and means are always the same
Instilling fear and casting blame
Secular law thrown to the flame
How can we be so blind?
Force religion and politics to converge
Crumbled society will diverge
Paint dissenters as a scourge
How can we be so blind?
Use your god like a sharpened sword
Religious freedom to be abhorred
Backward thinking we can’t afford
How can we be so blind?
Feels like we’ve been here before
Religion and sensibility at war
Can we never expect much more?
How can we be so blind?
Track Name: War of Ages
War of Ages

Blinded by the light of God
The armies march to war
Generations of pawns continue to fight
As He laughs in delight
The gallons of blood have soaked in the soil
Death consumes this world

War of ages
Death upon us
World in chaos
Holy war! Sentenced to burn

Prophets' words inspires the hatred
They have always spoke against
Leaders become drunk with power
Martyred as a god
Bred for war, soldiers welcome death,
In the end all envy the fallen

Battles are won and lost, the war in stale mate
Intervention of divine purpose

The gods have had enough, as they watch the fools fight
Time to step in, cast all out of the light

Angels and demons slaughter all on the field
Damnation for all, The world dies
Track Name: Beyond Death
Beyond Death

Fight harder when your back’s against the wall
Or as a self-immolated martyr, choose to fall
Plan to escape into Death’s cold ground
The pain you run from tears you down

From your final breath to beyond death
The pain will haunt you
Your mortal shell will rot, your soul is caught
Locked in solitude
From your final breath to beyond death
Energy from your body rends
Your mortal shell will rot, your soul is caught
Your life’s sorrow never ends

You will never see
What it means to be free
The pain will never cease
Beyond death, eternity

The void of darkness, a journey you make alone
Believe Death will take your soul to realms unknown
Energy tethered to this mortal prison, freedom denied
Never transcend, never ascend; Just know you died!

Residual energy never dies
Trapped in a loop for all time
The torture never subsides
The price you pay for suicide
Track Name: In the Shadow of the Cross
In The Shadow of the Cross

In godlessness we trust
For the unattainable you lust
This rapture you’ve created
To escape the end you’re fated
To Death you’ll pay your toll
There’s no God to save your soul

Die! As you look to the sky!
In the shadow of the cross
Cry out to God, as you die!
In the shadow of the cross

In godlessness we trust
For the heaven that you lust
Think faith renders you exempt
From dying in contempt
More like mentally unstable
As you base your life on fable

Think you can run? Think you can hide?
Taken to heaven as we sinners die?
The end is coming, but by our own hand
Call out to Jesus or die like a man!

In the name of the father
In the name of the son
As the Holy Ghost commands
Thy will, be done
Wait for your rapture
Only find loss
Find yourself dying
In the shadow of the cross
Track Name: Momento Mori
Track Name: Even Hell has its Heroes
Even Hell has its Heroes

What can we say, you threw this bond away
A Judas revealing
Poisoned the well, you might as well
Seventh circle kneeling
No absolution is your retribution
Denial of your impurities
Point your finger as the lies linger
Guided by your insecurities

Behold the betrayal in your eyes
The mirror tells no lies

Even Hell has its heroes
Even Hell has its martyrs

Not man to man, but a typing hand
Your venomous repine
Desperate attack, behind my back
How to stand without a spine
Is there any doubt that you sold me out
My old friend, I wish you well
If you fool yourself, you’ll believe yourself
But betrayal leads to a personal hell

The seventh circle awaits
Points to avoid his due fate
Attacks while the back is turned
Indignity as your soul is burned

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